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Healthy Food Policy


A nutritious morning tea and lunch should be provided for your child. Sweets, chocolates (roll ups/LCM bars), chips and biscuits are discouraged. Help your child to be a part of a “health trend” by sending fresh fruits, dried fruits, cheese, crisp breads, a wholesome sandwich etc. for your child’s meal. If your child cannot peel an orange themselves or does not like crusts please peel or cut off at home. Water is an important element to your child’s nutritional needs.  Please only provide water in their drink bottles. Poppers can be packed for lunch.


Egg and Nut Free Policy


We do have a EGG AND NUT FREE policy at the Preschool. We do have children that are anaphylactic enrolled at the Preschool. As this condition can be life threatening we ask that you do not send any egg or nut products to preschool.


Forgotten your Fruit or feeling a bit peckish?


Children are able choose a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl in the office.


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