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Dubbo West Preschool Inc. is operated by a professional team of 4 Early Childhood Teachers, 7 Diploma trained Educators, 5 Certificate III trained Educators, general/maintenance Assistant and an Administration Manager. All staff have current up to date first aid certificates. Staff are always undergoing further training through professional development courses. The Preschool views professional development as important in order to maintain a high educational standard at our Preschool.


Meet our Staff



                                                Cathryn Albert - Bachelor of Teaching 0 - 5 years



Lisa Clarke - Bachelor of Teaching 0 - 5 years

Alysha Dennis - Bachelor of Teaching 0 - 5 years

Lisa Hunt - Bachelor of Teaching

Samantha Morley - Diploma of Childrens Services (Teacher in Training)



                                                 Ann Carroll - Diploma of Children Services

                                                 Anna Amey  - Diploma of Childrens Services

                                                 Samantha Morley - Diploma of Childrens Services

                                                 Rachel Williams - Diploma of Children Services 

                                                 Isabelle Kennedy - Diploma of Childrens Services

                                                 Rachel Parrish - Diploma of Childrens Services

                                                 Oliva Mullholland - Diploma of Childrens Services

                                                 Mandie Holmes - Certificate III Childrens Services

                                                 Terese Connolly - Certificate III Childrens Services

                                                 Viv Masters - Certificate III Childrens Services

                                                 Nikiah Watson - Certificate III Childrens Services

                                                 Holly Edwards - Certificate III Childrens Services

Professional Youth Mobility

Enhancement Facilitator

(Bus Driver)/

Maintenance Technician/

Sanitary Engineer (Cleaner)/


                                                 Mark Edwards



Administration Manager   

Melissa Setterfield - Diploma of Management
                                 Certificate IV - Bookkeeping

                                 Certificate IV - Business Services (HR)

                                 Certificate III - Childrens Services






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