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Dubbo West Preschool believes that high quality early childhood education is achieved through a combination of play based learning and the intentional teaching of structured programs. We have designed our Preschool programs to offer meaningful experiences which build on the children’s own knowledge, strengths, interests and developing skills. A strong focus is set on developing independence and ensuring a smooth transition to school, a formal educational setting.


In relation to children Dubbo West Preschool believes:

CH1 - Each child is a capable, unique individual who is an active contributor within their environment and learning.

CH2 - Each child has the right to a quality early childhood experience.

CH3 - Each child will feel a sense of belonging in a secure environment with opportunities to develop supportive friendly relationships. 

CH4 - We endeavour to expose each child to difference and disability to build acceptance and understanding.

CH5 - We understand how important it is to allow children to enjoy and ‘be’ a child.

CH6 - Each child attends our service with a wide variety of personal background experiences which shape the person they are becoming.

CH7 - Each child belongs first to their family, then to community and our service.

CH8 - Each child is encouraged to participate in all aspects of the preschool program on a regular basis within a structured   program.

CH9 - Each child is encouraged to develop their independence and self help skills in preparation for formal education settings.


In relation to our program Dubbo West Preschool believes it should:

P1 - Offer experiences which build on individual’s strengths, needs and interests.

P2 - Encourage children to interact in small and whole group situations.

P3 - Encourage sun safety, hygiene and healthy eating as part of our daily routine.

P4 - Encourage an inclusive approach.

P5 - Be guided by the National Quality Framework and the Belonging, Being & Becoming: the Early Years Learning Framework.

P6 - Aim to take the children on a journey of discovery in learning to learn.

P7 - Encourage responsibility for the natural environment and increase awareness of sustainability.

In relation to families Dubbo West Preschool believes:

F1 - We must acknowledge that families know their children best and are their first and most enduring teachers.

F2 - We offer equal access and opportunities for all families in the community.

F3 - Work collaboratively with families to achieve the best possible outcome for the children.

F4 - We endeavour to offer support and our knowledge of outside services to assist families in the important task of raising their children.

F5 - We aim to keep families up to date with any changes within the early childhood sector.

F6 - We have an open door policy and encourage families to be involved in the programming for their children.

F7 - We communicate regularly with families about the preschool and offer to share with families about their child’s progress.

F8 - We share with and invite extended family members to special events.

F9 - We value family’s contributions to the preschool and uphold each families confidentiality at all times.

F10 - We need to value families’ beliefs, customs and culture.


In relation to our community Dubbo West Preschool believes:

C1 - Inclusive and equal access be offered to all community groups or individuals.

C2 - Adults ( Early Childhood Professionals/Services, Families and Community Members) should work together to advocate for the rights of children through shared values in our community.

C3 - We continue to build positive relationships and work   collaboratively with all early childhood services, primary schools and any other related agency within our community.

C4 - In celebrating and aiming to explore cultures present within our community.

C5 - In endeavouring to explore the wider community with the children through excursions and inviting our wider community to visit our service.

C6 - In upholding a professional and quality name within our community.


In relation to staff and colleagues Dubbo West Preschool believes:

S1 - In a team work approach through regular communication and supportive relationships.

S2 - In working collaboratively, effectively and respectfully with Parent Management Committee members and staff members.

S3 - Qualified staff are an important part of our service and we will aim to provide additional staff in each room when able to increase staff to child ratios.

S4 - Respect be given to the abilities, strengths and experience that each individual staff member has to offer.

S5 - A professional approach should be taken to all aspects of work.


In relation to professional growth Dubbo West Preschool believes:

T1 -  That staff regularly attend training and in services using the information to inform practice at the preschool along with current research.

T2 - In being committed to providing mentoring when able to students and the wider community.

T3 - Reflective practice will be explored as part of our professional growth.

T4 - Staff will continue to develop knowledge of and progress in early childhood legislation, regulations and approved education frameworks.


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