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The Preschool is an Incorporated Association and a registered charity and is managed and operated by a Management Committee of elected Parent and Community Members. Management Committee Members are elected for the ensuing year at a special General Meeting held in December at the end of the Preschool year.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the beginning of each year (March). All parents are encouraged to attend the AGM. Parent Management Committee Members elected at the Special General Meeting will then meet at least 8 times a year (usually monthly) at a time that suits all current Committee Members.


Fundraising Committee


The Management Committee has elected to have a subcommittee called the Fundraising Committee. This committee is open to all parents and community members. This committee is chaired by the Vice President (from the Management Committee). The Preschool relies heavily on money raised through fundraising to supplement its operational costs. This committee meets as required by the Fundraising coordinator to help organise fundraising activities as approved by the management committee.



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