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Fees Policy

The Department of Education & Community provide the majority of funds to Dubbo West Preschool Incorporated, with the balance being made up of parent fees.

Fees are set by the Management Committee each year to ensure the financial viability of the preschool and a balanced budget.  Preschool fees are GST free.


To ensure the smooth, orderly and regular payment of fees.


A fee schedule for each year will be released at the beginning of the year with copies available from the office. The fees for the new year will be set by the Parent Management Committee during the December meeting each year.  The current fees schedule is attached to this document.

Procedure for Payment of Fees

1.  Fees will be calculated on a term basis. No fees will be charged for school holidays, public holidays or when sessions are not open for children.

2.  Fees are paid during periods of non attendance, such as illness or holidays outside gazetted school holidays.

3.  Children enrolled in a three (3) year old session must turn three (3) years of age on or before the first day of the school year (if accepting the position from the first round of offers the year before).

4.  If a child is withdrawn in the final five (5) weeks of Term 4, the full term fees must be paid, as the position is unlikely to be filled.

5.  Fees must be paid two (2) weeks in advance if paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If paying by the term, fees must still be paid in advance on the first day of the child/children’s attendance for that period.

6.  Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, eftpos, direct debit or online banking.

NAB Account Dubbo West Preschool BSB: 082564 ACC: 13 740 3791.

7.  All fees paid in person can be placed in an envelope that is clearly marked with the child’s name, the amount enclosed and placed in the fees box (located in the office window sill in the front foyer). Envelopes for this purpose are located in reception. If paying cash please pay through reception and a receipt will be issued on the spot.

8.  Receipts will be issued for payments.

9.  On enrolment, families are to sign a Fee Policy Agreement acknowledging that they will keep their fees up to date. -This agreement is now included in the enrolment form

10. If fees are not up to date (ie. two weeks in advance) the Parent Management Committee may terminate the child/children’s place or request that they make weekly payments for the rest of the preschool year.

Additional Fees

Late Pick-up Fee

An amount of $10.00 per half hour (increments) will be charged after 4.00pm for late pick-ups where prior arrangements have not been made, or there are no extenuating circumstances.

Preschool Fee Disputes

If any parent has a concern about their account details, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide receipts of all payments made so queries can be clarified. Any issue arising will be decided by the Management Committee at their monthly meetings.

Withdrawal of a Child

If you are withdrawing your child from preschool, you must give two (2) weeks written notice to the Director.  Withdrawal forms are available in the office.  Fees are to be paid for the two (2) weeks of notice, even if your child does not attend.


If your child is absent from preschool due to sickness or holidays, fees are still to be paid for that time. It is also requested that you let the preschool know if your child will not be attending.

If your child has not attended for two (2) weeks without notification to the preschool, that child will be withdrawn from the centre and replaced with another child from the waiting list.  Any outstanding fees will be pursued.


Fee Relief

You are eligible for economic subsidy if your household gross family income is less than $75 000.00 per annum. In order to be eligible, documentation (providing details of your income) are required to be submitted with your enrolment.  Once you have submitted the form, eligible applicants will receive the subsidy for the year, unless your combined gross annual income rises above $75 000.00. The application form will also become a part of the standard enrolment paperwork process.  Please note that the preschool’s fee relief is different to that of Child Care Centres and is not affiliated with Centre Link.

Proof of Income needs to be lodged at the office with your enrolment or before the end of the last day of the school year to be eligible to claim for the following year. Any claims received after this cut of period will have to be provided in writing to the Parent Management Committee for consideration.

Public Holidays and School Holidays

Fees will not be charged for sessions which fall on a gazetted public holiday. Fees are also not charged during school holiday breaks as the Preschool is closed.

Outstanding Fees

If fees are not paid by the due date and contact with the Director or Administration Manager has not been made, the child will be withdrawn from preschool.  The position will be declared vacant and filled with another child from the waiting list.

If contact has been made with the Director or Administration Manager, then a weekly payment plan will be put in place for the rest of the year to ensure that all fees are kept up to date.

Procedure for recovering Outstanding Fees:

a)         Fees are issued at the beginning of each term.  Invoices are put in parents pockets.

b)         All Fees for the term must be paid by the due date on the invoice (usually two weeks prior to the end of term).

c)         After this date reminder notices will be printed and issued.

d)         If fees are not paid by the last week of term then contact with parent will be made via telephone and arrangements for payment made.

e)         Failure to adhere to the arrangements made with the preschool in relation to outstanding fees will result in the immediate withdrawal of the child.

f)          If fees are still outstanding beyond these steps, then recovery of these fees will be pursued through legal action (ie. via a Debt Collector) as determined by the Parent Management Committee. Please note that costs acquired through the use of a Debt Collector will be added to the total cost of fees owing.

g)         Subsequent children of parents who have been sent for Debt Collection will also be excluded from attending the centre.

h)         Any parent with extenuating circumstances may apply, in writing, to the Parent Management Committee for an exemption to all or part of this policy.

The Fee’s Policy information will be made available to parents in the following manner:

 Parent Handbook

 Each family will be given a copy of the policy upon enrolment

 By way of summary upon enrolment

Accounts Procedure

Term 1

Fees will beavailable on the Kinderm8 app at the commencement of Term 1. Proof of Income needs to be lodged at the office with your enrolment or before the end of the last day of the school year to be eligible to claim for the following year. Any claims received after this cut of period will have to be provided in writing to the Parent Management Committee for consideration.

Term 2 and Subsequent Terms

Fees will be updated in the kinder m8 app.


Receipts will be available in the Kinderm8 app..

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