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Teaching and Learning Goals


Teaching Goals

Our aim as educators is to provide a welcoming learning environment where each child and family is valued for who they are.  We are responsive to children's ideas and plan and implement activities to foster curious and enthusiastic learners.  We encourage children to participate in all aspects within the structured preschool routine to best prepare them for their schooling years ahead.

We encourage children to interact with respect for others and encourage them to share ideas and interests.  We actively support the diversity of each child and plan experiences that cater to a range of abilities.  Children are empowered to make choices and develop an awareness of their connection to their families and wider community.  Our aim is to provide your child with a high quality Preschool education.


3 Year old Learning Goals

Our 3 year old program has a strong focus on social skills and learning to play with others.  We encourage children to feel a sense of belonging in a secure environment with opportunities to develop positive relationships with peers and educators which can assist with comfort in separation from family  We foster imaginative play, providing a range of play based learning environments for children to explore, engage with and manipulate.  We incorporate cognitive concepts within our program to lay foundations for further learning.  Below are some of the key areas and examples that we will work towards:-

  • Building social confidence and understanding - turn taking, cooperative play

  • Fostering independence and a sense of self - decision making, comfort in environment

  • Exploration of physical environments - movement, climbing, exploring, fine motor skills

  • Encourage expression and communication - using words to make requests.


4 Year Old Learning Goals

Our 4 year old program focuses on school readiness and building confident and involved learners.  We encourage and assist each child to be independent and build on self help skills in readiness for kindergarten.  We promote positive social interaction and plan opportunities for children to extend communication skills among a group.  We incorporate school readiness concepts into our daily program and provide a rich learning environment for children to explore and extend on their own learning.  Below are some key areas that we work towards:-


  • Build on social skills and promote positive relationships - initiate play and interact positively with others.

  • Encourage self regulation and a sense of agency - making independent choices.

  • Explore through the physical environment - movement, fine motor skills eg.  Holding a pencil and using scissors.

  • School readiness concepts - explore literacy and numeracy to build foundations for further learning.

  • Build on communication skills - express their ideas confidently, asking for assistance.

  • Independence - looking after belongings, follow their own interests, build enthusiastic learners.

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